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Affinities: He coexists well with Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, and Capricorn. 


Element: Taurus is an Earth sign. 


 Color: Green and Blue. 


Metal: Copper. 


To get along: Do not go against their thoughts. Instead, welcome them to eat often, and they will be incredible partners. 


Lucky Numbers: 2 and 6. 


Conflictive connections: Overall, it doesn’t have excellent compatibility with the signs of Cancer and Aquarius. 


The planet that administers it: Venus controls the sign Taurus. 


Day of the Week: Friday. 


Symbol: The Bull. 


Against: Very stubborn and obstinate, reasonably insatiable and resentful. 


Perfume: Violets 



The star grouping of Taurus addresses a bull, an old symbol of ripeness and strength. The Bull is perhaps the most well-known legendary symbol of ancient occasions, and there are numerous legends related to it. When Zeus longed for the delightful Phoenician princess, he transformed into a radiant white bull. After enticing her to ride on his back, he escaped with her to Crete, where he admitted his actual character and accepting her as his sweetheart. 


Minos, one of his children, became ruler of Crete. In a debate with his siblings, he called Poseidon to help him, and he concurred in return for the penance of the perfect white Bull arose out of the waters. Yet, Minos was so pleased with the creature that he couldn’t forfeit it, and Poseidon delivered retribution on him for not keeping his assertion, causing his significant other, Pasiphae, little girl of King Helios, to fall head over heels for the Bull. This made Daedalus assemble an empty wooden cow where he could stow away and rests with the Bull. From this association was born Minotaur, a massive half-bull half-human animal that remained secured a maze worked by Daedalus for the wellbeing of the Cretan occupants. In the end, Theseus figured out how to overcome the Minotaur with the assistance of Ariadne, the little girl of Minos. 




The symbol of Taurus is the Bull, which addresses solidness, lastingness, feet immovably planted on the ground. 




Venus is the planet that oversees Taurus, one of the emotional associations with the rest of the world, the one that moves in the circle of sentiments and joys. Being an offspring of the planet of excellence and love, Taurus is erotic, indulgent, and intensely appreciating charming outside boosts. 


Venus makes Taurus an intense admirer of magnificence. Affected by Venus, Taurus appreciates congruity, craftsmanship, the joys of the tissue, great food, recreation, and solace. 


Being the child of Venus additionally makes Taurus a selfless sign, albeit possessive in their emotional connections. El Toro sees his partner in his property and is fit for encountering exorbitant envy, which could lead him to submit demonstrations of outrageous brutality. 




Earth is the component of Taurus, which assures you, likewise causes you to be realistic, withdrawn, insightful, and enables you to work that permits you to live a peaceful life. 


Earth is rich in Taurus and makes him live in sound straightforwardness, giving him tolerance, steadiness, and erotic nature; it additionally makes him a practical, strikingly reasonable being who puts the highest significance on what his faculties permit him to encounter. 




Ladylike is the sexual orientation of Taurus, which gives it idleness, aloofness, and disguise and makes it open and persuasive. But, on the other hand, gentility furnishes Taurus with the capacity to pull out from himself and survey the circumstance to settle on the most beneficial choice. 


Being female, the Taurus zodiac is also a sign of negative extremity, making it one of the individuals who hold on to be welcome to start the activity. Continuously think before making an off-base stride. Underneath her evident quiet, an exceptional sexual drive streams, yet she realizes how to keep down to appreciate the foreplay. 


Taurus Sign Personality 


Forceful. They like to give a decent battle for what they need. Very cordial. They like to help individuals who need it. Good personality. Special kind of a person.

The most appealing individuals on earth! 

They have a great potential to be affectionate, although they rarely make friends with people outside their familiar environment.

However, if they lose their anger, they can have such a furious temper that it surprises everyone.

Love long relationships.

Very outgoing.

Great kisser.

Strong headed.

It would be best if you did not mess with them.




Taurus is a steady and traditionalist individual and will reliably follow an innovator whom they trust. They love harmony and calm and are aware of laws and rules. Taurus regard material qualities ​​and stay away from commitments. They are somewhat hesitant to change. 


They are more pragmatic than scholarly, and since they like coherence and schedule, they will, in general, have fixed thoughts. On the other hand, Taurus is careful, stable, and has an incredible feeling of equity. They don’t generally soak, notwithstanding challenges. However, they continue to go until they get out. 


Now and again, Taurus can be excessively unbending, belligerent, selfish, and stubborn. On the other hand, Taurus like delightful things and are frequently partial to artistry and music. Some Taurus have rock-solid and offbeat strict confidence. They love the delights of life, extravagance, and great food and drink. Indeed, Taurus should put forth an attempt not to be moved by the compulsion to unnecessarily fulfill these preferences. 




With the Taurus in this issue, you must be transparent. Taurus looks for security regardless of anything else. Extraordinary correspondence puts darlings having a place with this sign with a decent mental inclination. Solid counsel is to tell your Taurus, sweetheart, your opinion. 


Dependability energizes the sexual conduct of this sign. His heartfelt and relationship-situated nature causes you to appreciate feeling cherished. Essential subtleties like appearance, love, clasping hands, or energetic kisses (how to kiss) light the sexual fire of the Taurus zodiac. Sex for a Taurus is eventually the show of the dedication they feel for the individual they love. 


Give a Taurus a shower of blessings, and you will be most of the way there. The other will get through the craftsmanship you use to charm. Taurus appreciate extravagance, yet additionally knickknacks. Indeed, this sign considers delight to be a blessing and climax its principle blessing. 




Jack Nicholson, 04-22-1937 


Peter Frampton, 04-22-1950 


William Shakespeare, 04-23-1564 


Shirley MacLaine, 04-24-1934 


Barbra Streisand, 04-24-1942 


Eva Perón, 05-07-1919 


Sway Seger, 05-06-1945 


Billy Joel, 05-09-1949 


Clint Eastwood, 05-21-1930 


Born from April 20 to May 1 – Affected by Mercury, they have extraordinary mental capacities and a propensity for business and horticultural undertakings. Despairing. 


Significant years: 16, 24, 30, 33, 39, 45, 51, 57. 


Born from May 2 to May 11 – Affected by the moon – marvelous, respectable, ambivalent, inclined to legislative issues and writing. 


Significant years: 16, 21, 24, 33, 41, 50, 60, 64. 


Born from May 12 to 20 – Affected by Saturn – are hush, skeptical, scared of poverty, and love detachment. 


Significant years: 16, 21, 24, 33, 41, 50, 60, 64.




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