Tips to Grab the Best London Hotel Room

Nothing compares with the rush of knowing you’ve got the best room in the whole hotel. The thrill of great value for money, luxurious comfort and superb views can be an intoxicating high.

In this article we share with you a few tips to get the best room at whatever hotel you happen to choose.

Book the best room in a cheaper hotel

You may often find you can get a better room and superior value for money by booking the most expensive room in a mid-price hotel, rather than a smaller room in a more upmarket hotel.

Be smart and savvy 분당룸싸롱

Research the differences within hotels between different wings or floors. Some of the best rooms in the Soho Hotel for example are on the 5th floor, while the Park Lane Hilton’s top floors house its best, recently-refurbished rooms.

Do you really need a room with a view?

Rooms with a view are always going to be more expensive but may not always deliver on the view they promise. In a highly urbanised area such as central London, the view can be somewhat limited and often disappointing. Rooms with views can also be noisier than rooms without views if they overlook a busy road.

Ask for other options

There’s no need to bullishly demand another room. But politely asking to see other options can often work wonders, while maintaining a good relationship with the hotel staff.

Do your research

Blogs like London Hotels Insight can give you inside knowledge regarding the best rooms at many of London’s best hotels. Before booking, you should invest some time to get to know different hotels and discover where the best rooms are.

Hopefully we’ve given you a few ideas here which you can use to find the hotel room of your dreams. Just remember: do your research and try to haggle where necessary. You have nothing to lose and may end up making substantial savings on your trip budget

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