Topic- Ways to attain innovative business skills via augmented reality and IoT

The term Internet has become the front- line when it comes to talking about technology. In today’s world we can not think about our life without technology be it in a home place or working somewhere. In every phase of life, it is in demand.

The concept of Augmented Reality is highly in demand in the market especially in this pandemic situation where people clamour for working from home. Augmented Reality can be an innovative business for the freshers. This emerging technology has its wings which is revolutionizing the whole world. It shares the same platform of interactions between content writing services physical and digital world simultaneously. It diminishes the gap between not being able to be in the office while sitting at home. It tries to ameliorate the lives of people with better understanding and vivid knowledge.AR makes front-line workers as professionals faster.

Moving on to the topic, in my opinion there are different ways to attain business skills via augmented reality and Internet OfThings (IOT).

1)The first and foremost is Education through Virtual Mode Of Communication.:- The dependency on Virtual Mode of Interaction has increased within these two years , when the pandemic hits the nation in the year2020. Since then it has become the hot topic and every students’ and teachers’ cup of tea. Video Conferencing tools like Google Meet , Zoom can be used to show Pictures Or Videos via Augmented Reality. Suppose a teacher wants to show a human anatomy he/she can easily show the 3d aspect via AR, which gives the feeling as if it is really happening.

  1. II) Product Design Development : We can explore various kinds of products with the aid of Augmented Reality and IOT. Suppose I want to purchase a washing Machine I can see its functionality and usage  with the help of AR. Through product animation and design comparison a consumer can easily understand its importance and utility. We can also compare the different kinds of features and which one is  having time complexity less is easily observed with the help of AR.


III)Travelling & Touring Via Augmented Reality : AR has its own potential to attract the  tourist and the travellers. If a tourist can see the 3D IMAGE  of the hotel he/she is supposed to stay it adds an extra fulfilment in the minds of the tourists. Tourists will be able to visualize the look of the apartment and can select the appropriate one, which is suitable for them. There is the best example, the Ticket- sales company Stub Hub created an Augmented Reality app where the tourists can have a 3D view of the stadium where the Super Bowl took place. The viewers were able to have a look of the field from various seats and were able to choose the exact seat for them.


  1. IV) Use of Artificial Intelligence: AI, the fifth-generation computers, advances in neural network can be a useful thing to IOT devices likewise we are using Cortana in Windows 10 version of Operating System. It is very much attractive, useful and affordable also for the users.


  1. V) Online- Shopping: The real – time problems faced by the customers while purchasing wearables like wrist watches, glasses or while purchasing any furniture are that they have almost no clue on them content writing company and whether the furniture really suites in the house. With an Augmented Reality apps, we can order wearables without having to wear it physically. We can even choose the colours of the wearables as well as we can even scale the design which perfectly suits you.
  2. VI) Development Of Augmented Reality in Surgeries (Medical Grounds) : The development of Augmented Reality has enhanced its usage in medical grounds which incorporate data visualization into treatment of patients to improve the efficiency of the Doctors while diagnosis.


VII) Administration: Augmented Reality can be a powerful tool for administrative purpose. Sometimes with human visions alone it is difficult to find the errors or flaws in a system. With the help of Augmented Reality Building Information Modelling it can create a real-world model of the building, the sensors placed can track the structure of the building and can be updated with data collected after supervising.


I would like to conclude with the quotes of Matt Mullenweg, “Technology is best when it brings people together.” Augmented Reality is going to boost up the youth, will definitely increase curious minds and brains where the coming generation will have the full utilization of it. Henceforth the business deals will reach to the zenith of success. In this competitive content writing agency market Augmented Reality campaign can be its best to enhance the marketing strategy and with the running pace if one known the best way of utilization of it then one can stop him from reaching his success.

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